Sports Center


The kangaroo compound
The compound contains dozens of free-roaming kangaroos that you can pet and hand-feed.

Parrot sanctuary (lorries)
We've erected a beautiful parrot sanctuary containing dozens of colorful parrots (lorries).
You can walk around the sanctuary among the spectacular birds who will gladly eat the juicy fruit
you hold in your hand!

The Australian Farm
On the grounds of the zoo you'll find an Australian farm containing animals characteristic
of the Australian continent. Get acquainted with the animals in petting corners,
feed and groom mini goats.

In February 2018, Milo, the last kuala in Israel, passed away at a ripe old age. For more than six years, the Gan Guru team has been trying to bring in additional koalas from zoos in Australia. But is currently unsuccessful. The intention is to import Koala only as part of conservation programs and in coordination with the Australian authorities and therefore the task is lengthening.