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Gan Garoo is proud to present
a new attraction inside the park 
Gan Gu-Yura (jurrasic) - Dinosaur Maze 

Along the trails of the large tree maze, while trying to find the way out, you will come accross large dinosaurs who move and roar. Some of them even speak and give information about themselves' in Hebrew.
Along the maze you will also find interactive games and educational signage (in Hebrew, Arabic and  English).

The dinosaurs of Gan Goo-Yura (Jurassic) – Dinosaur Maze will not become extinct like the real ones
and are here to stay inside Gan Garoo to forever enrich our visitor's experience!

The enterance to Gan Gu-Yura - Dinosaur Maze
is included in the ticket price of Gan Garoo – Australian park.


click to watch Dinosaur Maze viedo