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Park of Springs

Park of Springs – Love the Nature

Organized groups are invited to enjoy and travel thru the Park of Springs in various guided tours:

'Green' Vehicles guided tour (self driving)

A guided, self driving tour in green vehicles, will enable you to feast your eyes and learn about the birds, natural vegetation, historical sites and more. The scenery and of course the natural springs and flowing streams… will accompany you on your trip and lend you an unforgettable experience. 
Length of tour - about an hour and a half.

Guided bicycle tour

The bicycle tour is accompanies by a guide and is suitable for all age groups and fitness levels.  The birds, natural vegetation, the peace and tranquility and, of course, the natural springs and flowing springs will accompany us and grant us an unforgettable experience.

Beer Bike + free beer

This is a bike you haven't yet ridden!  Seventeen people simultaneously pedaling along Nahal HaKibbutzim, with no extraordinary effort.  And with a huge barrel of beer on board. On this vehicle you don't merely ride - you ride and drink cold beer directly from the barrel on board the Beer Bike. Music and beer flow freely together and you drink, drive and enjoy every moment.

The Beer Bike is the only vehicle in the world where not only is it not forbidden to drink and drive, but the whole experience is based on exactly that! 
Length of the trip is about one and half hours.


For further details, price offers and group orders please contact us 

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