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Park of Springs

Autumn and winter in the Park of Springs – an abundance of birds

A "highway" for birds

Israel is situated in the geographical center of a 'highway' for migrating birds who, during the winter,
make their way from cold Europe and Asia to hot Africa.
Due to its comfortable temperature and abundance of water, the Park of Springs is the ideal way-station for migrating birds – a wonderful resting place during their long winter journey.

What birds can be seen in the Park?

Black kite – A bird of prey that passes through and spends the winter in the Park.
It arrives from Russia and Georgia and feeds on waste products and dead fish.
During the winter season thousands of kites are visitors in the region. They spend the night in the groves of Sde Eliahu
and among the date trees of Maoz Haim.

Greater Spotted Eagle – A bird of prey that spends the winter in the Park and stays until April. In spring, the bird returns to nest in Europe. Feeds on fish, mice, seagulls, herons and small partridges.

Black stork – Thousands of storks arrive from eastern Europe and Russia and spend the winter in the Park and leave in spring.
This bird is a regular guest and returns each year to the same field adjacent to Ein Muda.

White stork – During August, hundreds of thousands of white storks pass through the Valley on their migration route.
Several of them can be sighted during this season.

Common Kingfisher – A beautiful bird that spends the winter in the region and leaves in May.
It feeds on small fish, which are found in the area's numerous water pools.

White-throated Kingfisher and Pied Kingfisher – Two types of kingfisher that nest here and remain throughout the year.

Herons – Numerous types of herons live here. During this season one may view Gray Herons
(who spend the winter here) resting in the fields.

Throughout the year one may see white herons and egrets.

Songbirds that can be found in the Park – White Wagtail and Stonechat

** information provided by bird-expert Kobi Meron