Sports Center

Country Lodge

in order to be able to indulge in your vacation with the whole body and soul, the professional and experienced staff of "Shamayim" will treat you with a deep tissue massage of your choice in the privacy of your cabin or at the Nir David clinic.  


For ordering treatment: 050-853-6784 - Deganit Pereg Savransky, graduate of the holistic college in Karkur. Over ten years of experience in the field.  


Our treatments:

  • Are designed for muscles that are in pain,
  • ventilating tensions and calming the soul.
  • Deepening the peace and enjoyment of the entire vacation.
  • Tailored to the person facing u

Duration of treatments - 50 minutes.


 Sunday- Wedneday - 220 NIS

Weekend / Holidays - 280 NIS