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Gan-Garoo maze compound
On the zoo grounds you'll find a maze compound containing five mazes of varying levels of difficulty.
You can solve the mazes independently during your visit, or with a guide for your group (by prior arrangement).

Independent activity:
At the Gan-Garoo entrance you'll receive a map that includes riddles whose solutions can be found in the green maze.
If successful in solving the riddles, you'll discover a specific word. Participants are invited to place their solutions into a special box, which registers them in a monthly drawing.
Prizes will be sent to the winners according to the addresses they write on the map.

Activity for groups:

'Logic Frenzy' – Giant maze/logic puzzle competition
The activity is held as a competition between groups. Each group must find the solution to the maze in the allotted time.
This is an activity that is both amusing and terrific for team spirit. It demands unconventional thinking and teamwork.
Suitable for groups of adults or children.

Nir David Experiences offers groups a wealth of activities to enjoy, in extraordinary team-building and fun days.

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The maze compound contains five different mazes:

               Green maze                                                     Colors maze

              Arrows maze                                                                       
   Giant dice maze

              No right turn maze