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Park of Springs

Park of Springs – For the Love of Nature
The Park of Springs contains three beautiful springs that flow year-round plus a large stream –
Nahal HaKibbutzim, fishponds, heritage sites, agricultural areas, migrating birds and more.
All under the imposing presence of Mt. Gilboa, which imparts the park with its magical and unique character.

Visitors may explore the park on foot, bicycles or green vehicles only.
Entrance to the park on foot or bicycle is free !!

Here you can enjoy a magnificent trip in nature and splash around in natural springs
whose waters remain warm throughout the year!

How does one travel through the Park?
For your convenience you can rent bicycles of various types, green (electric) vehicles
or board the electric shuttle that travels across the Park – enabling you to get on or off at any of the Park's attractive stops.

At the Park's entrance is a convenience store and rest rooms.

Visit the Park's official site