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Educational activities for schools – guided tours:
Groups of children are invited to experience and learn about wildlife in a guided tour of Gan-Garoo.
The tour places emphasis on the topics of your choice:
  • Classifying wildlife – the key characteristics of different classes of animals: birds, mammals, reptiles, etc. Classifying the various animals at Gan Garoo into these classes using work sheets.
  • Parenting and reproduction among animals – mammals, birds, and reptiles reproduce in different ways and raise their offspring differently. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each method and what unifies the animals of Australia?
  • Protecting nature! – the key message of this program: How we can protect the world of wildlife and nature. We'll become familiar with ecological problems the world and Australia face and understand what happens when the ecological balance is disrupted. We will learn how each one of us can take responsibility for protecting the planet.
Details on the tours
  • All of our guides are also the regular caretakes of the animals of Gan-Garoo.
  • The tours are a wonderful opportunity for a direct encounter with wildlife, including petting and feeding kangaroos.
  • We'd be happy to supply you with background information prior to the tour, which will serve as preparation for your day at Gan-Garoo. Furthermore, the information remains with you in the interest of continuing the learning process.
  • It is possible to combine the above educational activity with other stimulating activities including workshops in Australian crafts, art and music – a great introduction and encounter with the culture of Australian children.
Workshops for children
  • Aborigine crafts workshops – Introduction to the culture of the Aborigines (the original inhabitants of Australia);      participation in an Aborigine ceremony; face painting using earth colors.
  • Preparing jewelry using natural stones: preparing hand-made jewelry with natural stones that are easy to handle.
  • Kangaroo model – Preparing a three-dimensional model of a kangaroo: We'll prepare a female kangaroo who, when we move her tail, releases a small 'joey' from her pouch.
It's recommended combining the workshops with educational activity/guided tours for children.

Maze activity for groups

  • Logic frenzy – five logic mazes, each with its own set of rules. The group splits up into smaller groups that compete with each other in finding the solution to the mazes in the allotted time.
For additional details on the mazes click here.

Tour for adults only
  • 'On Love and Other Animals' – Tales of couplehood and love relations among the Australian animals of Gan Garoo Australian Zoo. We will discover why the male Emu hatches the eggs and what the female is doing in the meantime….and why the female kangaroo is always pregnant…

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