Gan - Garoo - Australian Park

 One of a kind in Israel and in fact unique worldwide.

Only here, or in far-off Australia, can you enjoy the special and exciting experience of walking amid a pack of free-roaming kangaroos, Where you can pet and even hand-feed them.

Gan Garoo features a grand assortment of  australian animals including , kangaroos of various types, and a Lorikeet parrot aviary where you can feed the birds fruit skewers. 
Among the animals you will encounter are the Australian Cassowary, emu, small reptiles…

In February 2018, Milo, the last kuala in Israel, passed away at a ripe old age. For more than six years, the Gan Guru team has been trying to bring in additional koalas from zoos in Australia. But is currently unsuccessful. The intention is to import Koala only as part of conservation programs and in coordination with the Australian authorities and therefore the task is lengthening.

 At the souvenir store you will find souvenirs that are unique to Australian wildlife
and Aboriginal culture as well as soft drinks, snacks, ice cream and coffee.  

New at Gan-Garoo – Gan Gu-Yura (Jurassic) – Dinosaur Maze


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Saturday routine activity :


Australian bat feeding by zookeepers, including fascinating explanations about it's behavior.

Staff and guides are present on the Kangaroo feeding area throughout opening hours

Opening hours of Gan-Garoo

Sunday-Thursday : 9:00-16:00

Friday : 9:00-15:00

Saturday : 9:00-17:00


Sunday-Thursday  + Saturday: 9:00-20:00

Friday : 9:00-15:00


Rosh Hashanah eve, Yom Kippur eve and Passover eve: 9:00-13:00

Yom Kippur, Holocaust Day and IDF Memorial day the park is closed.


  • Last entrance half an hour before closing time

Gan-Garoo &  Gan Goo-Yura - Dinosaur Maze - Price list

*Entrance ticket includes both attractions
(which are in the same facility)

59 NIS - ticket price per person two years and above

41 NIS - ticket price per person for guests of Nir David Country Lodge

44 NIS - ticket price per person for  residents of Beit sheaan and Emek Hamaayanot.

47 NIS - ticket price per person for senior citizens, soldiers and handicap.

Groups above 30 people - Must be booked in advance

Contact details

Gan-Garoo is located at the entrance of Gan Hashlosha (Sachne) National Park
on road 669 between Afula and Beit Sheaan.


For further information please contact us at


Information center is open on Sunday throu Thursday 8:00-17:00. Friday 8:00-12:00

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